Green Moong beans are used in different variety i.e. Whole, peeled, split, and the most common usage is the Moong dal. The Moong dal has a sweet taste, is easy to cook, has quite soft texture and is also very healthy. Apart from dal, Moong dal is also sprouted and had as a part of a healthy breakfast.

Arun Agro is one of the leading manufacturers of Moong dal and is known for producing and supplying export quality Moong dal all over India. The Moong dal that we produce is the result of a comprehensive process that we have developed from our decade old experience and our Moong dal is completely deprived from any kind of preservatives and irradiations. We have setted up a modernized pulse manafacturing plant and also deployed 2 bulher sortex plants that sorts pulses per their color to deliver a superior quality Moong dal.

Very recently we have launched Moong dal Split which as the name suggests is a halved i.e. split version of the whole Moong bean. These Moong beans are green in colour and are very rich in protein, easy to cook and tastes really good.

The Botanical Name of Moong Dal is Vigna radiata and in English it is called as Green Moong Beans. In Hindi, it is commonly known as Moong Dal and its family name is Fabaceae.

In ancient times, Moong dal split's water (Moong dal mildly boiled) was given to young babies and also to elderly people as Moong dal split's water is easy to digest. If you are looking for export quality Moong dal manufacturer or producer, Arun Agro is the right destination. Feel free to contact us and we will serve you the best quality Moong dal.